About us

Founded 20 years ago, the small family venture of Caracalla Bathroom Studio became by now one of the major market players. Year after year, Caracalla developed relationships with more and more prestigious Italian and German suppliers. Today, Caracalla is distributing products of almost all of the market’s significant manufacturers. A few years after founding the bathroom studio, Caracalla Kitchen Studio was born; specializing in made to order solutions, fulfilling customers’ needs by providing them with tailor made kitchens. During the last few decades, the company’s development has been continuous, while we preserved our core values: commitment to quality, a professional, but friendly atmosphere, which is awaiting customers and partners in the seasonally redesigned studio of Dohány street, Budapest.

Caracalla acts as direct representative to most of the distributed brands, therefore we are able to serve our customers, property developer, contractor and wholesale partners under the best possible conditions. Fast service and orders, effective quality assurance and good prices are all provided thanks to this unique position.

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